Why is my car interior light on

Your car has many switches to control the lights. If one of them is on and it's not supposed to be, then the light won't turn off. But there are other reasons why this might happen, and it depends on what type of car you have. Modern cars have automatic interior lights that are more sophisticated than those in older cars, but also more prone to different problems.

There are several reasons why the interior lights might not turn off. One possibility is that the headlight switch is turned all the way to the left. Another reason might be that the dashboard light control knob was accidentally turned on, or that the door switches are broken. Usually, this problem happens when someone accidentally pushes one of these switches and then it gets messed up.

Types Of Car Interior Lights

The car has different types of lights in the inside. For example, the dome light and dashboard light. Sometimes they all turn off at once. Or, one light might stay on when it is supposed to turn off. This can be really annoying and also unsafe.

Common Issues With Car Interior Lights Not Turning Off.

If the car’s interior lights don’t go off after you close the vehicle doors, then they can be caused by:

  • The front hood not properly latched;
  • Adjusting the dimmer switch to the furthest position;
  • Failing to close the doors fully;
  • Faulty door ajar switch on the car’s doors;
  • When the button for turning off the interior is damaged or missing.

How Do You Fix Dome Light That Stays On?

You might have a problem with your dome light. The switch that controls the light might need to be fixed. To fix it, you can adjust this one thing in your car. It is usually on the dashboard, and for many cars you can move it up or down to make the switch turn different things on or off. 

If you don't see any change when adjusting this switch then there could be something wrong with it - but if the other switches do not work at all then they are also broken and need repair.

What Should I Do If The Interior Lights Won’t Turn Off?

If your automatic lights do not turn off, try our solutions. If that does not work, you can disconnect the battery and remove the fuse. The dome box is usually located under the dashboard, near the glove box, or in the car's engine compartment. To disconnect the dome lights, remove the relay.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Cabin Lights That Won’t Turn Off?

Interior lighting is one of the most important car features. It makes the car safer for passengers. But if the lights won’t turn off, it presents security issues to the car and drains your battery. The cost will vary based on location and car model but expect to spend $50-$100 to have a specialist fix it.


If your lights don't turn off in your car, one of the following problems may be happening. Usually the problem is that someone else hit a button and left it on, or there is a problem with your car. You need to try different combinations of buttons to find out which one works, but for our case the button was the dimmer. If you haven't found a solution to your problem, please visit https://interiorlightkit.com/ for a solution.