Why Car Lights Come on But Won’t Start & Why Car Click But Won’t Turn On

There is no need to worry if your car lights aren’t turning on or the car is clicking but still not turning on. These are some of the most common issues car owners face frequently.

To get a better understanding of this issue, here are some prominent reasons why car lights come on but won't start and also why cars click but won't turn over,

Fuel filter damage

The fuel filter deals with the main pathway of the fuel throughout the engine body of your vehicle. Without a doubt, any damage or hindrance in the fuel filter will alter the power distribution path to the car, hence lagging the primary energy source of the vehicle and delaying its operations.

Lack of spark

In simple words, the spark is the electric shock that sparks fire in the fuel once it gets to the engine chambers for ignition. Without the spark, the engine will not roar into action, and eventually, the complete set of functions will not be operational.

If we take a look at the spark and its whole function in-depth, we can observe that the entire operation of the spark is associated with the battery of the car. There will be no spark within the ignition plugs without the battery, and the car won't even click.

Starter malfunction

You might think that the starter is just a regular switch that activates the whole car once the key is inserted in. Well, that's not the entire function of the starter. This simple-looking switch mechanism is the first step of activating almost all primary parts of your car.

But let's say there is some malfunction within the starter. No matter how much you try, the starter is not getting activated. What will happen? The first thing you will notice is that the car will not even click. The chances are that major electronic components of the vehicle won't work either.


Time to get to the leading electronic powerhouse of the vehicle. Yes, we are talking about the car's battery and how it practically powers every electronic component of the car, including the ignition switch. Take the battery out of the car, and there's almost no way you can get it on the road.

Now, the chances are that your car battery is either half depleted or the connecting wires aren't working correctly. In either case, make sure you thoroughly inspect the cables and the battery state. This will help your car perform more efficiently.

Ignition switch damage

At number five, we have got the ignition switch itself. But the whole operation of the ignition switch is associated with the clicking of the car alone. In other words, if your vehicle isn’t roaring on even after several clicks, there’s some issue with the ignition switch.

Considering that the ignition switch is also responsible for generating the spark for the vehicle, you must visit some reputed mechanic if the ignition switch isn't working correctly. A clear indication of this will be the fact that the car is clicking but not turning over. Sometimes total loss of clicks is also because of the ignition switch.

Final note

This concludes our list of why Car Lights Come on But Won't Start & Why cars click but won't turn over in general. But still, we would advise you to get the issue checked by some credible mechanic or car electrician. They will be able to help you in a much more elaborate manner.