Understanding Wheel Alignment Costs

Car tires have a significant impact on the performance of any vehicle. Drivers must keep the wheels well-aligned always. Proper wheel alignment ensures that all wheels, front and rear, hit the road surface at the same angle. Drivers should perform wheel alignment at frequent intervals to enjoy better gas mileage, enhance tire durability, improve safety levels and eliminate uneven wear of tires. Poor wheel alignment causes a myriad of problems. When driving in a straight line, the driver feels the vehicle is pulling towards one side. Some drivers experience steering difficulties and abnormal fuel consumption rates.

Are you worried about wheel alignment costs? Perhaps you are wondering whether wheel alignment requires the purchase of repair materials. Worry not. Drivers can visit wheel alignment shops, car dealerships or specialized car repair shops and have their wheels checked. Do not compromise safety and comfort by driving on poorly-aligned wheels. Let us explore wheel alignment costs.

Wheel Alignment Cost

Several factors affect the average cost of wheel alignment. Expect different prices depending on the car model and labor rates charged by different mechanics. Some auto repair shops utilize sophisticated wheel alignment tools, increasing the cost further. The average cost for the wheel alignment is in the range of $50-$100 for front or rear wheel alignment.

It is good practice to align front and rear wheels at once. That means that drivers part with an average of $100-$200 for complete wheel alignment. Drivers owning high-range vehicles spend more on wheel alignment. These cars require more time to attend to and may demand specialized or computerized wheel alignment tools.

Performing wheel alignment at car dealerships guarantees better quality at a higher cost. They specialize in specific brands. General repair shops may be unable to handle the alignment of some car models. Tire chains like Firestone or Goodyear offer wheel alignment services at affordable rates. 

Auto shops specializing in wheel alignment can handle about any car model. They invest heavily in the latest equipment and hire skilled personnel to serve their customers. At such shops, the driver receives quality services at competitive rates.

Drivers can enjoy free service from dealerships if they have warranties that cover wheel alignment within a specified mileage range. Remember, these costs can escalate if, upon inspection, the mechanic notices a few broken or damaged components that require immediate replacement.


Performing frequent wheel alignment is essential for enhancing car performance and minimizing safety risks. Wheel alignment costs are affordable and can be done at car dealerships, specialist auto repair shops or stockists of car tires.


Do insurance companies cover wheel alignment?

Insurance does not cover regular wheel alignment. It is treated as a routine maintenance activity. The only exception is when the vehicle is involved in an accident and wheel alignment is part of the repair process.

What are the signs of bad wheel alignment?

Common symptoms of bad wheel alignment are uneven tire wear, poor fuel mileage, crooked steering and pulling of cars to one side.