Turbo Muffler Delete: Everything You Should Know —Horsepower, Sound & Installation

Superior engine power is every driver’s fantasy. What better way to do that other than using an aftermarket turbo with a muffler delete? It is likely that the vehicle’s OEM turbo has limited performance and restricts outlet flow.

A turbo muffler delete does the magic. It improves the outbound flow of compressed air from the turbo. The result? An impressive turbo noise is accompanied by better engine power and impressive turbo spooling.

Are you looking to purchase an aftermarket turbo muffler delete? Worry no more. You are at the right place and we will guide you and debunk all the worries around the cost of purchase, installation and impacts on your vehicle’s performance. First off, turbo muffler delete is available in different sizes at decent prices. It is easy to install. You’ll be enjoying the impressive spooling within a short time. 

Let us explore the turbo muffler delete in detail and explain why you should get one for your ride. 

How does a turbo delete muffler work?

The conventional turbo is designed to deliver an appropriate amount of compressed air to the combustion chamber and enhance engine performance. The outlet tubes for the original manufacturer turbos are a bit more restrictive than the turbo muffler delete. Therefore, the latter delivers more air at any given time.

Installing a turbo muffler delete increases the intake of air. It avails more oxygen for burning fuels. In return, it raises engine power. The design of the conventional turbo is essential for limiting the spooling noises. If you fancy the spooling noises, then the turbo delete muffler is the best option for you.

Turbo Muffler Delete and Horsepower Gain

There is a misconception that installing a turbo muffler delete increases the engine’s horsepower. What it does is boost the performance of the turbo and eliminate lag. Installing the muffler delete ensures that the maximum amount of air exits the turbo faster for better fuel combustion.

Although the muffler delete reduces turbo lag, the gains in horsepower are low. There are better options and aftermarket modifications that can boost horsepower. 

Sound Gains From Turbo Muffler Delete

Installing a turbo muffler delete increases the sound of the turbo. The spooling sound gets a bit louder and more aggressive. The driver notices some sound changes when accelerating or idling. Of course, the noises are not as loud as those you get from an aftermarket exhaust or muffler.

Turbo Muffler Delete Installation Cost, Legality and Warranty Implications

Installing a turbo muffler delete is simple. It requires the removal of the existing turbo outlet and replacing it with the muffler delete of the appropriate size. There might be difficulties installing the turbo inlet pipes since the internal engine bay could be hard to access. After installation, it is not necessary to perform some engine tuning. The turbo muffler delete does not affect the air/fuel ratios.

Installing a turbo muffler delete is legal provided the noise and emission levels are within the acceptable limits. Installing the turbo muffler delete voids the warranty of the turbo alone.

Do You Need To Install Turbo Muffler Delete?

Purchasing an aftermarket turbo muffler delete is a reasonable investment. It is an affordable option that guarantees better turbo responsiveness and enhanced spooling noise.


Is it mandatory to tune the engine after installing a turbo muffler delete?

No. The installation of the turbo muffler delete does not affect the air/fuel ratios. Its installation does not cause the check engine light to come on.

Will a muffler delete make my turbo louder?

The muffler delete increases the spooling noises of a turbo. However, the noise levels are not as high as that of aftermarket exhausts.