Toyota VSC light reset |VSC Light Toyota Highlander|What does the VSC light mean on a Toyota

Toyota owners often find trouble with the VSC light feature. VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) system works as a safety measure in cars. It provides control and stability on slippery roads so you can avoid accidents. It turns on when the vehicle loses traction during harsh weather conditions. The engine power reduces or gets cut off as the brake system applies. 

Let’s see what the VSC light is and how to fix it on a Toyota Highlander. 

What does the VSC light mean on a Toyota?

As the VSC light protects the car from getting into an accident, it is very significant to check its status. The VSC light, if functioning normally, would only turn on when the driver is losing traction. And simultaneously control the engine speed and brakes to escape slipping. 

On the contrary, the light on a Toyota model can turn on if there's an error. Also, if the VSC light system shuts off or malfunctions, it can cause problems for the driver. 

Sometimes, the VSC light could turn on when there is a gas cap or O2 sensor problem. In this case, the gas cap tightening or its replacement can fix the issue. If the error doesn't go away, you must visit the nearby automobile shop to get it checked by a professional. 

The following models of Toyota with VSC light include:

  • Toyota Highlander
  • Camry
  • Corolla
  • Rav4
  • Sienna

Can I drive when the VSC light is on?

Depending on why the VSC light is turned on, you might be safe to drive your car. For example, if there's something wrong with the O2 sensor, you can still drive but won't get the correct gas mileage.

Also, sometimes the occurring of error codes turns the light on. So, it would be necessary to reset or repair the VSC light system. 

VSC Light Toyota Highlander: 

Toyota Highlander is a medium-sized SUV. Along with excellent performance, it offers first-grade safety features like:

  • VSC light
  • Parking assists with automatic braking.
  • Airbags
  • Roadside assistance 
  • Blind-spot monitor

All in all, it's a great vehicle for drivers. But, any unknown fault in the automobile can cause the VSC light to show up. In that case, you can reset the VSC light.

Toyota Highlander VSC Light Reset Guide:

Follow the below steps to reset your Highlander's VSC light system.

Step 1

Shut the car's engine and apply the parking brake.

Step 2

Open the automobile's hood and scrutinize the engine compartment. Your job is to look for the air filter box, which you'll find mounted on the left side of the engine. The black, square-shaped box would feature an intake hose.

Step 3

Inspect the small vacuum lines encircling the air filter box. If you find any loose or unhooked lines, then connect them immediately.

Step 4

Start the car. Take it for a test drive. If the VSC warning still doesn't disappear from the dashboard, follow one more step.

Step 5

Stop the vehicle and apply the parking brake. Open the hood again and detach the negative cable for 15 seconds. Use a suitable socket to do it. The disconnection of the negative cable would reset the car's computer settings. It'll fix the VSC light warning pop-up.


If you fail to fix the issue on your own, you'd have to take the car to an automobile shop for repair. Though, it shouldn't be that complicated. 

Also, another simple VSC quick fix method would be pressing the VSC button for a few secs after stopping the engine. The TRAC off and VSC off feature light would turn on, which would show that the systems are off. Pressing the VSC button again would make the lights go out and the systems activated.