Pros, Cons and Average Cost of Muffler Delete

What are your driving preferences? Are you the kind that loves driving around with loud, aggressive sounds? If that is the case, then you have heard of muffler delete. It is a popular way to increase the loudness of the vehicle’s exhaust. But is it the only option for drivers? Does it have any negative impacts on the car?

Understanding muffler delete

A muffler serves to reduce the noise levels of the exhaust system. The loud noises heard at the end of the exhaust are a fraction of the noises generated after combustion. Muffler delete removes the resonator that limits the number of noises from the engine.

Drivers confuse muffler delete with straight pipe car exhaust systems. A muffler delete intends to remove the muffler alone. For a straight pipe exhaust system, you get rid of the catalytic converters and mufflers.

Benefits of a muffler delete

Before analyzing the average cost of a muffler delete, it is vital to understand its benefits. Muffler delete offers more than an aggressive sound.

  • Enhanced horsepower in old vehicle models

Old car models (over 20 years) feature restrictive mufflers. The restriction causes a buildup of backpressure in the engine. In return, it delivers lower horsepower.

A muffler delete eliminates the restrictive exhaust system. The engine can gain additional horsepower, which boosts the performance.

  • Aggressive exhaust noises

Nothing announces your presence more than a boosted exhaust sound. The reason most drivers perform a muffler delete is to enhance the loudness of their vehicles. It is a cheap alternative for boosting the aggressive sounds of any vehicle.

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you may not need to act so radically, removing the muffler completely. If you want to achieve a more aggressive sound and at the same time beautiful appearance - try to install a straight-through exhaust on your car. It has a lot more advantages than just removing the pipe. First, you'll get more power for your car. Secondly, this improvement is legal. Third, it will make your car visually more beautiful.

Cons of muffler delete

  • Unpleasant rattling noises

The whole point of a muffler delete is to achieve aggressive exhaust noises. Why then is it considered a con? Loud exhaust noises are a nuisance. The absence of a muffler means that more gases flow past the exhaust system, resulting in deafening noises when accelerating at high RPM.

  • Potential decrease in engine power

Exhaust technologies have evolved. A modern vehicle, unlike the old models, has well-engineered exhaust systems. A muffler delete tampers with the tuning which is controlled by the ECM units. It lowers engine performance and causes the check engine light to appear on the dashboard.

  • Failure to meet emission tests

Removing the muffler before an emission test is a recipe for failure. Muffler delete in modern vehicles causes the generation of engine error codes. These codes cause automatic emission test failures.

Muffler delete is illegal in some states. Acquaint yourself with local regulations before performing a muffler delete.

Muffler delete cost

The cost for muffler delete is pretty affordable. Parts are available at a price ranging between $50 and $ 250. Labor costs fall between $100 and $200.


A muffler delete is a popular way to enhance the aggressive sounds of the vehicle. However, there are other legal means to achieve that. Muffler delete has several cons, and drivers should perform it as a last resort.


Is muffler delete legal?

Muffler delete is illegal for vehicles driven on public highways. Drivers tend to be charged with loud vehicle noises instead of missing mufflers.

Does muffler delete affect emission tests?

A muffler delete will cause the vehicle to fail emission tests.