Powder Coating Wheels

Driving a car with outstanding exterior designs delights drivers. The appearance is because of exterior colors, modified accessories and custom wheels.

One popular modification among car enthusiasts is the use of custom wheels. The wheels complement the appearance of the car. Drivers prefer powder-coated wheels that are available in different sizes and configurations. Technically, there is a size for every car model out there.

Why are powder coating wheels so popular among drivers? Are there any benefits of using these wheels? We also provide a brief overview of the average cost for powder coating wheels.

How powder coating works

Powder coating is a popular surface finishing technique. As the name suggests, the technique uses dry powder containing blends of polymers, pigments, additives and curatives. The surface treatment process uses electrostatic force to coat metallic surfaces with the dried powder. Afterward, the material undergoes heat treatment to cure it. Powder coating is a durable metal treatment process and extends the life of wheels.

Powder coating wheels is increasingly gaining popularity as it allows the driver to customize wheel colors to their preferences.

Comparing powder coating and painting

Painting wheels has been a popular practice for several years. However, the technique lacks in several ways. The paint does not last long, and the driver has to spend extra money to refurbish the appearance of their highly-priced wheels. Powder coating wheels provide better durability. The driver enjoys superior appearances in the long term.

Powder coating uses heat treatment. In principle, the wheel and the coating elements create a strong, long-lasting bond. The wheel appearance remains constant even after driving in muddy places or on rough surfaces that can scour the wheel surface.

Powder coating enables drivers to create uniform coating. Painting, on the other hand, is prone to inconsistencies. Some spots appear if the paintwork is dismal. By comparison, powder coating wheels is a better alternative to painting.

How durable is powder coating?

Drivers opt for modifications that last long. It does not make sense for the driver to spend several dollars on wheel modifications that fade out after a few years. On average, powder-coated wheels maintain an impressive appearance for 15 to 20 years. That is more than twice the durability of standard wheel painting techniques.

The durability of the powder coat depends on several aspects. Poor driving conditions or driving on roads with corrosive agents reduces the lifespan of the surface coat.

Which wheels can be powder coated?

Drivers can powder coat any wheel. Powder coating works on any metallic surface. Stainless steel and ordinary steel wheels are the easiest to powder coat. Wheels forged from aluminum alloys are challenging to powder coat. Powder coating specialists evaluate the quality of the wheel surface and the manufacturing material before starting the process.

Cost of powder coating wheels

Powder coating can be performed at home or a professional auto dealership. The cost of powder coating a wheel depends on the size, choice of wheel colors and the desired level of surface finish. Drivers spend between $350 and $700 to powder coat the four wheels.


Powder coating wheels are popular among drivers as it gives better surface finishing and is more durable than painting. It is an advanced metal treatment technique that works with different metallic materials. Powder-coated wheels maintain an impressive glow for over 15 years.