How to change brake light


Eventually, all light bulbs burn out and it also applies to exterior lights on your vehicle. There are two brakes on the car. Changing a faulty brake light is something anyone can learn to do. A replacement bulb costs about $10 and if you change it by yourself, then you won't need to pay someone else the money they would charge ($20) for the time it takes them to go and fix your car ($40). At you can find more articles about headlights.

Identify The Faulty Light 

There are usually a lot of lightbulbs that help you see better. One of them is the brake light because people will stop when they see it. Sometimes the brake light on your car does not work. This is a problem and you can fix it with a special bulb. 

To find the burned out brake light, ask someone to press down on their brakes while you stand behind their car and look. The brake light will show up in one of the lights under the taillight lens cover. Find this special bulb then replace it with a new one that works well.

Find And Remove The Brake Lightbulb

Open the trunk and look behind the tail light lens. You will see a plastic base that has wires coming out of it, as well as each brake light bulb. Look for a bulb that is not lit up and turn it counterclockwise to get it off the metal holder. Then take off the clear glass part of the bulb (the top) by pulling on it with your hands or pliers. After you have taken off both pieces of the old brake light, put in a new one.

Acquire New Brake Lightbulb

When you need a new lightbulb, don't just go to the store and buy one. The burned out bulb probably needs to be replaced with a lightbulb that fits your car. Go online and look at what bulbs fit your car or go to the store with the old bulb so they can help you get one that fits. You should always have two lightbulbs in case one burns out soon after getting it replaced, because then there won't be any lights on your car.

Install And Test The New Bulb

Put the new bulb in a holder. Put the holder and bulb into the tail light assembly. Turn it clockwise. Check that it is firmly in place and not loose or wobbly. Have someone sit in your car and press the brake pedal while you check from behind to see if there are any lights on that weren't before.