Guide For Reversing Muffler Delete

You may have spent plenty of time exploring how to do a muffler delete. True to your expectations, you receive expert advice on performing a muffler delete. A few trips and you feel the loud noise is not for you. Or maybe you are moving to a state with several restrictions on vehicle noise levels. Now you are thinking if reversing a muffler delete is possible.

Worry not. Reversing muffler delete is possible and pretty simple. But first, a quick recap on muffler delete.

How to do a muffler delete

A muffler delete is replacing a muffler with a straight pipe. The replacement pipe must be compatible with the existing exhaust pipe. Muffler delete causes a noise explosion which gives your ride an aggressive sound when cruising through city streets or highways.

Step-by-step guide for reversing muffler delete

Most drivers assume that reversing a muffler delete is a plug-and-play thing. However, there are small details that the mechanic (or enthusiastic DIY driver) should pay attention to. There are a few steps that one should follow for a successful reversal of a muffler delete.

Get the exact diameter of the exhaust pipe

Before purchasing the muffler, one must ascertain that it has the right fit with the exhaust pipe. Measure the external diameter of the exhaust pipe. It should correspond with the listed diameter of the muffler. Usually, the listed diameter of the muffler is its internal diameter. These measurements are vital if the driver is purchasing a new muffler.

Verify the length of the muffler

When performing a muffler delete, you replace the existing muffler with pipes of suitable length. Now that you are reversing the deletion, it is important to measure the exact size of the pipe section. It prevents the purchase of oversized or undersized mufflers. 

Cut out the pipe section

After initial measurements, it is time to begin installing the muffler. You cut out the pipe section to desired lengths to ensure a perfect fit for the muffler. 

Installing the muffler

After finishing the initial preparations, the next stage is installing and fitting the muffler. Put the exhaust pipe into the tip of the muffler and tighten accordingly. Use a clamp to tighten the muffler in its position. 

Is reversing a muffler delete necessary?

The decision to perform a muffler delete takes into account the preferences of different drivers. At first, you may enjoy the aggressive sound. With time, the loudness becomes a nuisance, to car occupants and other road users. When performing a muffler delete reversal, you may opt to go after a better-sounding aftermarket alternative.

Whether you are purchasing a new muffler or replacing an old one, follow the aforementioned steps. You can get better sound quality using resonators or quality aftermarket mufflers.


Does reversing the muffler delete regain the warranty?

A muffler delete does not impact the warranty of the vehicle, thanks to Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Reversing the muffler delete has no impact on the warranty conditions of the car.

How can one improve car sound without muffler delete?

There are different ways to achieve good exhaust quality. Improve the intake of cold air or install a resonator at the tip of exhaust pipes.