Car Shakes at High Speed: Car Shakes When Braking at High Speeds (Not Rotors)

Does your car start shaking at high speed or when you apply brake? This article will tell you all the possible reasons it's happening, so keep reading.

A healthy car should be entirely under your control. The drive should be smooth such that the steering wheel should not tremble, and the vehicle should not vibrate when driving or braking at high speeds. But if you feel that your car is shaking when driving or braking at high/low speed, it means there is something wrong with it, and at least one or more of its components are not doing their job.

So let's look at the causes and how to fix them.

Why Car Shakes When Braking at High Speeds

Bad Brake and Thin Rotors

If braking at high speed causes your vehicle to vibrate, there is probably something wrong with the brake or the rotor. Brake clamps the wheel to stop the car by producing friction. This process chips away material from the pads and discs and causes the rotor to become thin. The thinness of the rotor makes it prone to deform due to the heat produced during braking, thus making your vehicle shake when braking at high speeds. This phenomenon is not limited to high speeds but can also occur when braking at low speeds.

How to Fix Car Shakes When Braking at High Speeds

The first solution is getting the rotor checked and repaired by a mechanic. The professional will measure the rotor's dimensions to see the adequate thickness. If the rotors have become thinner to a certain point, you will not use them legally. Here comes the second solution in the picture

When the rotors have become thinner, you will have to change them. Look for the best rotors and swap the old ones with the new rotors you bought. You can stop here, but replacing the brake pads and the rotor is recommended to get better results.

 Bad and Out of Place Tires

The second reason your car shakes while driving or applying brakes at high speed is due to some tire-related problem. The most common cause is unbalanced or uneven tires which can occur due to irregular wear on a tire or deflation. In this case, the car will start vibrating above 30 mph, and the oscillations will keep with speed. Make sure to fill the tire with equal air.

This May Also Cause a Steering Wheel Vibration at High Speed

It is easy to understand that unbalanced tires will cause your car to vibrate, but you should know that they will also cause the steering wheel to wobble when driving on an uneven or bumpy road.

What causes the tires to wear unevenly? When the alignment of wheels is not correct, the wheels will wear irregularly, resulting in a shaky steering wheel. Another cause for this is the brake caliper, specifically in old cars. When a caliper's causing this problem, you will feel a burning smell at higher speeds, and you should take the vehicle to a mechanic.