AT Oil Temp: Meaning, Causes, and How to Fix Subaru AT Oil Temp Light Flashing


These days, car instrument panels can provide you with more information about the vehicle than in the past. There used to be very few crucial warning lights and check engine lights, but now it has been turned into a self-diagnosing system that will provide you with all the information.

When you happen to see AT oil temp Subaru light flashing, you need to keep in mind that the automatic transmission oil temperature may have crossed its upper limit. Although there may not be any way to fix this issue but to drive, you may tow the vehicle to the mechanic or the Subaru dealership.

What is the reason for AT oil temp Subaru light flashing?

The AT oil light starts to light up and flash when the oil present inside the transmission becomes very hot. As the transmission is a set of gears inside the housing, the clutch has the responsibility to connect the engine with the transmission, thus allowing the power transfer.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the AT oil temp Subaru light flashes when the engine runs. It gives a signal that the temperature is higher than 200 degrees. Therefore, the problem is indicated by the flashing, and when this happens, it is not advisable to run the engine, as this may lead to the failure of transmission.

What Can Cause Transmission Oil To Overheat?

The most common cause of transmission oil overheating is insufficient pressure in the cooling system. This is caused by insufficient oil levels or problems with the transmission oil pump. Another reason for that problem is a malfunction of the torque converter or hydraulic circuit problems.

What Are Possible Consequences When AT oil temp light On Your Car Starts flashing?

If you decide to ignore the error and continue to drive even in spite of the warning on the dashboard, the consequences will be far from pleasant - overheating the gearbox. Consequences of transmission overheating manifest themselves in the form of the breakdown of solenoids, friction discs, as well as a number of other elements of the transmission. You will notice that the car will shake when shifting gears, gears will be knocked out or they will not engage at all. As a consequence, the transmission will be completely out of order, and repairs will be very expensive.

What should you do when the AT oil temp light flashes?

Whenever you find a warning light with the word 'Oil' in it, you should never think much, pull over the vehicle and then turn off its engine. It would be best to keep in mind that this particular rule has no exceptions. 

The airflow beneath the car may cool down the transmission oil, but that may not be enough. Therefore, you must stop some parts from moving as quickly as possible.

How do you fix the AT oil temp Subaru light flashing?

In reality, there is nothing much that you may be able to do to fix AT oil temp Subaru. However, when you notice the light starting to flash when driving, you need to immediately stop the vehicle and then park it in a safe spot. In the next step, you need to let the engine cool down and idle until the light turns off.

You need to understand that if you ignore the flashing of the AT oil light and still keep driving in such a condition, then your transmission may be ruined, and you will have additional expenses. Remember that this can be a quick call for action until you visit the repairer and fix this problem.

Final Words

It would help if you kept in mind that transmission is quite a complex assembly for a home mechanic for tackling, and this is the reason why many mechanics refuse to work on them. If there is an AT oil temp Subaru light flashing, then it is better to go to the Subaru mechanic or the dealership, who will assist you in identifying and resolving the issue.