Best Upper Control Arms for the Lifted Silverado

When you buy a vehicle, it is possible that you would upgrade its different components at some point. Out of many upgrades, you would love to improve the vehicle's suspension. Chevrolet Silverado is one of the favorite vehicles of many Americans, and one would love to use control arms, allowing the suspension movement to hold down the spindles, axles, and knuckles.

The upper control arms for lifted Silverado 1500 come in several designs, sizes, materials, and shapes when we talk about the upper control arms. These components have a single aim: to hold everything in position and are essential parts of the suspension. 

Why Is Chevrolet Silverado 1500 So Popular?

There are many reasons why the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is so popular. It is a full-size pickup truck that has been on the market for over 20 years. It is a reliable truck that can handle any type of terrain or load. It is also a comfortable truck with plenty of room for passengers and cargo. Additionally, the Silverado 1500 comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a new truck. Some of these features include:

- A powerful engine that can tow up to 12,000 pounds;

- Available four-wheel drive for added traction and stability;

- A spacious interior with plenty of room for passengers and cargo;

- Standard safety features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, and airbags.

Is Lifted Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Better Than Stock?


There are many reasons why people might want to lift their pickup trucks. Some people do it for aesthetics, while others might do it for off-roading purposes. Whatever the reason, lifting a pickup truck can have its benefits.

Some of the benefits of lifting a pickup truck include:

1. Improved Off-Roading Capabilities

One of the main reasons why people lift their trucks is for improved off-roading capabilities. By lifting the truck and adding larger tires, you will have an easier time navigating over rough terrain. This is especially beneficial if you frequently go off-roading or if you live in an area with a lot of unpaved roads.

2. Better Handling

Lifting your truck can also improve its handling. This is because the higher center of gravity can make the truck more stable on the road. This is especially beneficial in areas with a lot of wind or if you frequently drive on highways.

3. Increased Towing Capacity

If you frequently tow things with your truck, then lifting it can increase its towing capacity. This is because the higher ground clearance will allow you to clear obstacles more easily.

4. improved Fuel Economy

Lifting your truck can also improve its fuel economy. This is because the larger tires will offer less resistance, which means that the engine won’t have to work as hard in order to move the truck.

Overall, there are many benefits to lifting your pickup truck. Whether you want improved off-roading capabilities, better handling, or increased fuel economy, a lifted truck can help you achieve those goals. So if you're considering lifting your pickup truck, be sure to do your research and weigh all of the pros and cons before making a decision.

What Are The Purposes of Upper-Control Arms For Lifted Trucks?


The upper control arms are on independent front suspension (IFS) cars and connect the spindle to the frame at the top, its purpose is to guide your spindle in a pre-determined motion when your suspension cycles up or down. The bushing at the top of your control arm is what actually does most of the work as it dissipates any vibration from the road and also allows for a small amount of deflection to keep your ride quality smooth. If you have a coil spring suspension, the upper control arms also house the coil springs and shock absorbers.

List of the top upper control arms for a lifted Silverado

  • ReadyLift 67-33500 Tubular Upper Control Arm Kit

  • ready-lift-upper-control-arms

These upper control arms are some of the bests for the Silverado 1500. This heavy-duty Silverado DOM tube comes with steel construction and has one-ton spring-loaded ball joints. You will also find ReadyLift with self-lubricating free float bushing, whereas there is also a built-in washer.

  • KSP Upper Control Arm, Tubular Fit 2-4”

  • ksp-upper-control-arms

This is also among the best upper control arms for lifted Silverado 1500. It comes with a 6-log wheel and a universal fitment. KSP control arm also comes with a TIG welding to have a guaranteed reinforced and stable structure.

  • Rough Country Forged Upper Control Arms

  • rough-country-upper-control-arms

These are also top-quality forged upper control arms with ball joints for easy installation and a more excellent range of motion. You will find this upper control arm lift to be made up of forged steel to give you outstanding durability and high strength.

  • KSP 2-4” Upper Suspension Control Arms Tubular Lift Kit

  • ksp-upper-control-arms

This product is among the most incredible fit for a Silverado. It comes with a very safe pipe diameter and a long service life. There is no doubt that KSP comes with a high-quality double-layer painting that makes the arm rust-proof and looks fabulous.

  • ECCPP Upper Control Arms with Ball Joint Assembly

  • eccpp-upper-control-arms

This product is considered a universal fit and can work well with Silverado 1500. It can stabilize the car when cornering, thus moving the wheel quickly and offering a smooth driving experience.

  • Cognito Upper Control Arms

  • cognito-upper-control-arms

This upper control arm kit is for trucks and SUVs. It usually works with vehicles that have stamped or aluminum steel arms. The arms are CNC robot-welded as well as powder-coated. Therefore, they are capable of adding performance to your car.

  • Total Chaos Replacement Upper Control Arms

  • total-chaos-upper-control-arms

These upper control arms are for the Silverado 1500 above 2014 models and have factory aluminum. It can work on the upper arm with stamped steel. These control arms are 100% bolt and handcrafted in the US.

  • Rough Country Forged Upper Control Arms

  • rough-country-upper-control-arms

This is an ideal device for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and is specially designed with forged steel to offer durability and high strength. The best thing about the Rough Country upper control arm is that it can easily be installed and comes with a great range of motions.

  • 2005+ Tacoma 6 Lug Upper Control Arms

  • 2005-plus-tacoma-upper-control-arms

This particular upper control arm is for the 2WD and 4WD vehicles and works very well. You will have a complete set with the inner sleeves, hardware, urethane bushings, and complete installation instructions.

  • Eklez Upper Control Cast Steel Arms

  • eklez-upper-control-arms

These upper control arms are capable of replacing the factory cast steel arms. You will find these arms fully rebuildable that can correct the wrong angle of the components to achieve a much better alignment. This way, the life of the ball joints also gets extended.


There are different types of upper control arms for lifted Silverado 1500. All the types of upper control arms come with additional features to have a suspension upgrade. When selecting any products, you must consider your budget and go for a particular part that you want.